Help your child land the right job before college graduation.

Like you, we want the best for your kids.

We know you want the best for your kids, and are likely riding a fine line between anxiety and excitement as they find their first internships and jobs. You want them to find fulfilling work that affords them opportunities for growth and financial stability. You’ve guided them this far in life personally.  You’ve invested in coaches, advisors, prep courses, and the like to get them into the best schools and extracurricular activities. But the path isn’t as clear cut anymore as they transition into their career.


The reality is that over 80% of US students graduate college without a full time job lined up.  We know you don’t want that to be your child.  But in this innovation economy, the process for applying for internships and jobs doesn’t look like it did when you landed your first job. If you’re like most of our parents, you’re worried you are running out of ways to educate your child as they make this transition. Sometimes an outside perspective telling them what you’ve already told them, and building off of that, is just what they need to cement your wisdom into real life practice.


This is Where We Come In.

We’ve created a proven process that guides high school and college students to make informed decisions about their career path, and take the steps necessary to give them an advantage in the workplace. Our online program Student Career Academy blends strategic goal setting and practical real life lessons to elevate students to success with a fulfilling career and life.

Student Career Academy Program Highlights:

  • Strategic guidance to individual research for them to pick the right career path, and build a plan of realistic goals to get there
  • Best practices to create compelling resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and their own personal brand
  • Practical strategies to network and leverage connections to open doors of opportunities
  • Real life effective job application and interview skills to stand out from a crowd


100% improvement in past student’s ability to land a job


4.5 Star rating from past students

Hear from other parents who used Student Career Academy as a way to give their kids an advantage in the workforce:


“As a parent, I try to provide as many support structures as possible for my kids. Student Career Academy has been a catalyst for Carly, helping her to recognize that she needs to be thinking about her future career and jobs. It has equipped her with the important tools that are so vital to her success. Carly will use the knowledge and tools gained in your program to position herself for internships, and eventually a full time job. This has helped elevate her to a different level. Wherever someone is in planning for their career, this program will put them on a positive trajectory in their life.”


Brian Bartes
Father / CFO, Wolverine Packing Co.
Author of the book, “Life Lessons: A Guide to Creating and Living your Best Life”


“Before this program, my daughter was like most other teenagers and had no idea where to start. In four short weeks, it completely transformed her future. She walked away with a specific career path and goals to get there, resume, LinkedIn profile, and the networking and interview skills needed to land a job. It was so great that she’s been telling all her friends about it so they can sign up too!”


Shannon Delcourt
Mother / Practice Administrator, Woods Dentistry

Limited applications are available for one-on-one coaching of students and recent graduates. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact Leanne at