“Real Life Advice I Wish I Knew in College” Part 2

What do they say ‘Hindsight is 20/20?’ I’m sure some days it feels like you will never graduate, and you’ll be stuck in classes forever. But the truth is in 4 years (or 5 or 6 if you’re on the extended plan), you’ll be entering the real world. And then some day, you’ll look back and it will all be a blur (figuratively and maybe literally). These adults share the advice they wish they had when they were back in college…


“Take advantage of every opportunity (specifically study abroad) that you have. College goes by quickly.”                   – Shane H.

“Sack up and ask that girl out…and study abroad, get some worldly experience.” – Jared R.

“Study abroad for sure! I never did and wish that I had.” – Meaghan C.

“Study abroad! My biggest and only regret from my college days is that I never studied abroad! Life gets crazy after college, and the opportunity isn’t always there to travel!” – Jodie M.

“A music degree gets you no where…And take better care of your liver. Oh, and study abroad when you have the chance!” – Rachelle G.

“Join the club or team…go to the football games and tailgates…stay up late with your roommates just because…take road trips, go on spring break, and study abroad. There will never be another time in your life quite like this to focus on just you and being the person that you really want to be. Take advantage of every opportunity because it goes by so fast!” – Chris J.


“You get out what you put in. Great college experiences don’t happen on accident.” – Vito G.

“Get out and be more active in everything…clubs, sports, events, etc.” – Casey P.

“Be more involved. I wish I would have joined the swim team or were more active in a club.” – Krystyna S.

“Time is your most valuable asset. Budget it both short and long term well.” – Danny W.

“Take the big risks…it will be worth it. No regrets!” – Claire P.

“Take your chances now.” – Betty R.


“Never leave.” – Lauren F.

“Just stretch that extra year or two as long as you can…” – Emily C.

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