Build a plan for landing the right internship and first full-time job.

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We know that this is a really overwhelming time for you, but don’t worry…you’re not alone! Most students your age are also struggling to figure out what they want to do after college, and how to land the right internships to get them there. The good news? We understand the pressure that you’re under, and we will help you figure everything out.

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A Step-by-Step Guide

Our online program Student Career Academy guides you step-by-step to pick a career choice, build a plan to get there, and learn the in’s and out’s of landing internships that will get you a full time job you love after graduation.


That’s good because most of our students are overachievers too. The program is designed with your crazy schedule in mind. You can access the video lessons and homework whenever it is convenient for you by phone, tablet, laptop or anything in between! Go at your own pace, on your own schedule, even if that means logging in at 1am just because you can finally get around to it then.

Student Career Academy Program Highlights:

  • Build your own step-by-step Career Action Plan to help you reach your goals
  • Create a killer LinkedIn profile to start networking and building connections now
  • Make your resume stand out and get you interviews
  • Secrets to land an internship without having to apply to a ton of places

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