Who We Are.

We are an online solution preparing students for landing internships and
full-time jobs after graduation. Our programs bridge the gap between
acceptance into a great university and landing a fulfilling job.

Meet Our Founder

The program is led by Leanne Ross, former Regional Sales Executive of a $100M business segment of a Fortune 500 Company. As a millennial who has succeeded in the corporate culture, Leanne had the responsibility of hiring new employees for her team. In the interview process, she observed that the majority of Millennial applicants were not as prepared for the results-oriented climate that would be expected of them. Therefore, her entire team was made up of Gen X and Baby Boomers. In speaking with hiring managers of other companies, she knew this wasn’t an isolated concern for her firm alone, but a much broader issue. It was with this information and her own understanding of success within the workplace that Ivy Ladder was born.


We provide strategic goal setting and practical steps to finding
an ideal job after graduation. Why is this important?

The reality is, our culture willingly invests in students through college test and admissions preparation to get them into the best school possible, with hopes of getting the best job upon graduation. The irony is, once they’re in the best schools, they aren’t equipped with the practical skills and resources necessary to get the right job, let alone the best one. We want to help bridge that gap by providing a program that leads students through a proven process for strategic goal setting and practical steps to obtaining internships and jobs in their desired fields.

Our programs and workshops address the need to equip Millennials and Generation Z with the necessary
tools to give them a competitive edge. Learn more about our specialized curriculum.